Hiring An Exterminator.

tick control services in Baltimore

With summer around the corner, we have bugs to worry about! Bugs can be really annoying, but sometimes bug spray and a flyswatter just aren’t enough. Sometimes you’ll need professional help to make sure that the bugs go away for good. But when do you get to that point, where a pest control company is the best choice?

Well, first look at the number of bugs in the house. Swatting a single fly over the course of two days is different than opening a cupboard and uncovering an army of ants after all! If you continually find dozens of pests flying or crawling around, then getting professional help is a good option.

tick control services in Baltimore

Finding a Nest

If you manage to track the bugs down to a hive, mound, or nest somewhere inside or outside your home, then you’ll need an exterminator. They can make sure to either remove or destroy the nest without any danger to you or the people in your home.

Dangerous Bugs

Some bugs, like bees, wasps, and ants, can cause some nasty pain with bites and stings. Plus, there is a risk that someone in your home might be allergic. If the bugs cause danger to you, your family, or can’t be removed without risk, then you’ll need professional help from tick control services in Baltimore.

Use a Fogger

Mosquito foggers are temporary solutions that repel flying insects from your yard. They work by pumping an eco-friendly insecticide injected as a fine mist into your backyard. When the mosquitos fly into the fog, they die.

You might see the insecticide as a mist, but it won’t disrupt your outdoor activities or block your vision. You will need to place the fogger in specific positions in the yard to make sure it is effective. Once it is, you can turn it on and watch the bugs fly away.