How To Get Through The MRI Process?

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There are going to be a lot of scans and other procedures that you need to go through when we get older and our bodies start to change.  Some of these procedures are going to be simple and routine, while others will require specific scans and procedures.  One of the more common procedures is going to be a MRI.

For many people going through a MRI scan can be very difficult.  This is why many doctors are turning to sedation mri in New Jersey options instead of traditional MRIs for assistance.  When sedated, we are not going to be reacting to the scan as well as other stimuli during the scan.

Think of something else

sedation mri in New Jersey

If you think of something else then you can travel to a more relaxing and enjoyable place.  Some things that you can think about are going to a park, playing with the dog or spending time with your kids.  For many people, these are all enjoyable memories and thoughts and can really help you focus your mind when you are getting scanned.


Activities such as counting or repeating a pattern in your head is another great way to focus your mind.  Thinking or number patterns or counting to a high number by twos or even by fives will break up your thoughts and keep you focused while the scan is going on.

Do something fun before your scan

If you have a scan that is later in the day or you have an hour or two to kill before your scan, you may want to consider doing something fun.  Then when you go in for your scan you have a happy memory that will keep you focused on your goals.

Each person is different and what you do, how you do it and how you react to the results will all vary.  The main objective however is to lay as still as you can without moving during your scan.